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Board Meeting Agendas

DISD Board Meeting Agendas are posted online with BoardBook. BoardBook is a Web-based software application that electronically streamlines the preparation of board agenda packets and builds a searchable archive of meeting agenda packets and approved minutes. It opens the door to electronic distribution of meeting materials, to Web posting of finished documents and, ultimately, to paperless meetings.

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  • When recognized by the board chair, please state your name, address, and agenda item you would like to speak to.
  • Please limit your remarks to no more than three minutes.
  • If there is more than one person in your group who wishes to address the board on the same agenda item, please designate a spokesperson.
  • An individual speaker should not restate information from previous speakers.
  • Board meetings are meetings held in public. They are not public hearings.
  • Due to data privacy laws, information concerning specific students or staff is NOT appropriate for Public Forum.  Information addressing specific students or staff should be communicated to the appropriate building administrator or to the superintendent of schools.


  1. The school board chair will recognize one speaker at a time and will rule out of order other speakers who are not recognized.  Only those speakers recognized by the chair will be allowed to speak.  Comments by others are out of order.  Individuals who interfere with or interrupt speakers, the school board, or the proceedings shall be directed to leave.
  2. The school board retains the discretion to limit the discussion of any agenda item to a reasonable period of time as determined by the school board.  If a group or organization wishes to address the school board on a topic, the school board reserves the right to require the designation of one or more representatives or spokespersons to speak on behalf of the group or organization.
  3. The school board chair shall promptly rule out of order any discussion by any person, including school board members, that would violate the provisions of state or federal law, this policy or the statutory rights of privacy of an individual.
  4. Personal attacks by anyone addressing the school board are unacceptable. Persistence in such remarks by an individual shall terminate that person’s privilege to address the school board.
  5. Depending upon the number of persons in attendance seeking to be heard, the school board reserves the right to impose such other limitations and restrictions as necessary in order to provide an orderly, efficient, and fair opportunity for those present to be heard.


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