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QR Codes

Teaching Resources

QR Code Quiz Generator - Great site that allows you to quickly create a QR quiz or scavenger hunt.

How to set up a QR Code Treasure Hunt

Classroom Activity Ideas

QR Voice - Very neat way to add voice to your QR Codes!

How to set up Scanning Stations in your classroom

How to use QR Codes in Student Projects
A Teachers Bag of Tricks
A collection of ideas to use QR Codes at the school and classroom level
Teacher's Blog About How they are Using QR Codes - examples
75 Ways to say Good Job QR Poster to Download

Using QR Codes with Homework

Have students make Audio QR Codes

Periodic Table of QR Code Videos

QR Code Interactive Resume

Students make World's Largest Human QR Code

Ideas for Use in the classroom

QR Code Generators
Web-based and desktop tools QR code generator

QRStuff (create a colored QR code)

iCandy QR Creator (Mac & Win desktop)

SnapVu (includes URL shortener and scan tracker)

Bulk QR Code Maker

Web browser plug-ins

QR-Code Tag: Chrome Extension

Mobile Barcoder: Firefox Plug-in

Mobile device creators

Barcode Generator (Android OS)

Qrafter QR Code Generator (optimized for iPad)

Mobile device readers QR code reader for mobile phones (supported phones)

NeoReader (handset list)

Qrafter QR Code Reader (optimized for iPad)

i-nigma reader (all mobile OS)

Barcode Reader (Android OS)


QR Code LiveBinder - tons of info on this site.

CyBrary Man's educational Websites



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