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Conversation with you

by Dr. Booth's Blog

Posted on October 12, 2016

Hello DeKalb America,

I am glad that we have this forum to be able to share ideas, questions, accolades and concerns. It is my goal for everyone in the district to feel a sense of openess and transparency of the district. We operate for one reason – Care for Children. Help me help them. 

Cafeteria made a post.
Posted: 09-12-2017

Can you help me? I am being told by my child that they are rushed to eat their lunch. said they are being told to hurry up and eat and go outside. I understand little kids start talking and are slow to eat but they have an allotted time so they should get to eat in that time frame without being rushed. What happens is they throw their food away and don't eat. can you please check into this.

John Booth made a post.
Posted: 09-12-2017

I am glad you asked this question so other readers will know the answer as well. Child nutrition is extremely important to us. We have worked hard to provide two quality meals to every student every day with out cost and have plenty time to eat those meals. When I asked Mrs. Lee, Elementary Principal this is what she said "Currently, all elementary students have a full 30 minutes to eat lunch. If they are not finished eating they can stay and finish their lunch, we have several that choose to do so." We all want our children to be well fed. However, if you don't think this is not an accurate representation of our lunchroom please come by and visit with Mrs. Lee or come to lunch with your child on me. We will be glad to have you.

Athletics made a post.
Posted: 04-18-2018

I understand that the AD is new and inherited a bad situation, but it seems the girls program is still on the back burner. He has spoke with the boys, High school and Middle school, but has yet to do that to the girls. Especially middle school. Do you think he could show interest in them also? As of now they do not even know who he is.

Basketball made a post.
Posted: 12-04-2018

the schedules will not pull up on the site. do you have them?

John Booth made a post.
Posted: 12-04-2018

Dear Basketball, I'm not sure where you looked on our website because when I looked at the top of the page where "sports schedules" were listed and clicked on them a list of the sports came up and when I clicked on any of the basketball schedules they came up as well. Further, when I went to our DK app on my mobile phone and clicked on "Athletics" the schedules came up again. I'm sorry you couldn't find them but you might try again.

John Booth made a post.
Posted: 12-06-2018

I 've had someone post a comment about staff using school facilities for personal use. First, thank you for your comments and second, I've taken steps to handle the situation.

Test made a post.
Posted: 02-04-2019

Explain to me why my kid is taking a bench mark test in 4th grade when they were just off a week for sickness. What are you doing to our kids? And they have one tomorrow?

John Booth made a post.
Posted: 02-05-2019

Dear Test,
If you have heard me speak on the topic of testing you will know that I truly detest the STAAR test. I believe it to be detrimental to student learning and an extremely poor measure of student ability. With that being said, we still have to give the test. A benchmark is just that. It is to tell us where we stand not where the student stands. The student does not get a grade on the test. It is given so we can know what we need to cover before the real test is given. More than that it also shows the students the format for the test. Like I said I don’t like the test or its format. We literally have to “teach to the test” because our students can know the material yet if they are not “practiced” for the test they may not do well. You ask “what are you doing to our kids?”, we are trying to get them ready for the test. I agree that that is a terrible answer. So my real answer is, if you are truly opposed to what we have to do to students because of the test then talk/write to your State Representative, State Senator, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor let them know what you think about what the STAAR is forcing schools to do to our children.

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