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Superintendent's Contract



Dr. John Booth strongly believes that every child is blessed with substantial abilities, talents and gifts. He is driven to provide a culture of caring that allows students to explore their abilities in a safe environment by providing great leaders, teachers and staff.   He started his career in 1980 as an Agri-Science teacher;agriculture specialist for the Texas Education Agency; Principal; Curriculum Director; and Tax Assessor/Collector. Dr. Booth first became a superintendent in 1990 and has served the Ekhart, Beckville, and Levelland ISD’s before becoming superintendent of DeKalb ISD in 2012.




Dr. Booth received his Bachelor of Science (Agri-Science Education) - Sam Houston State University; Master of Education (Vocational Education) - Sam Houston State University; Level II Tax Assessor/Collector - State Property Tax Board; Masters of Education (Education Administration, Mid-Management, Superintendent) - Stephen F. Austin University; Superintendent Academy - Lamar University; Leadership Training - IBM Training School Palisades, New York; Leadership Training - Motorola University Austin, Texas; Doctor of Education Administration - Stephen F. Austin University.


With over 28 years of  administration experience Dr. Booth has spoken and written many articles on school finance, school culture and school administration. He currently serves on the Texas Association of School Administrators statewide task force (Texas Performance and Assessment Consortium); Chairman of Legislative Committee for the Texas Rural Educators Association; Member of Legislative Committee for the Texas Association of Community Schools; and Board Member for the Texas Association of Rural Schools; Chairman of District 14-3A UIL.


John’s wife of 31 years Debbie Booth is a physical education teacher at DeKalb Middle School, three children - Rebekah, attorney with Texas Workforce, granddaughter Alli (5); Jacob, Agri-science teacher, grandson Hunter (4); Colton, Sr. Henderson State University.


Further, Dr. Booth believes that his walk in life and career are being guided by the Holy Spirit, inspired by Jesus Christ and achieved through his Lord and God.

Work hard, love kids.


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